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Once you decide to overcome your substance use disorder, it is normal to begin feeling scared. Thus, you need to put in adequate due diligence since you will be trusting experts to help you start a new life without using drugs. These questions will ensure that you will not second-guess your decision once you are committed. 

Do you take insurance payments?
You should understand that life transformation recovery can be costly. You might need to be admitted to a facility for up to three months. Check whether your health insurance will cater for some costs associated with your rehab treatment. Besides, confirm whether the rehab facility accepts insurance payments before you decide to enroll with their program. 

Where are you located? 
The location of the rehab is critical when you plan to enroll in an outpatient program. You may require going to work, attend the recovery sessions, and then proceed home. You should also know that the cost of rehab Arizona may vary substantially depending on where they are located. Find a life transformation recovery situated at a strategic position in your daily schedule. 

Which kinds of treatment are available? 
Some drug treatment centers in Arizona use medical approaches such as offering patients with substitute drugs that help them minimize substance addiction effect. For instance, alcoholics may be injected with methadone to reduce the withdrawal effects. However, Christian recovery programs do not offer any medication to reduce the withdrawal effects. Therefore, it is essential to investigate the treatment approach you will find in the recovery program you sign up with. 

How long is the program? 
Drug rehab treatment can vary from one month to 90 days. Find out how long you will be committed to the program. You may be expecting to accomplish a critical stage in your life such as graduate from the university.  Confirm the period you will be required to be in the program to avoid unnecessary inconveniences. 

What amenities do you have? 
The high-end rehab facilities offer golf course, tennis court, massage spas, and five-course meals. However, they come at a premium cost that only the wealthy can afford. On the other hand, some people may consider these perks an unnecessary burden. Investigating the services you should expect from a rehab program will help you select a facility that is within your budget and that will not inflate the cost of your treatment for services you will not require. Request for a fine print of the services offered in the treatment program in advance.
Critical Questions to Ask When Selecting a Rehab